Back-Roads Dog Rescue

Back-Roads Dog Rescue of Walton, Indiana. An not for profit all breed dog rescue.

Back-Roads Dog Rescue - Walton, Indiana 46994

Back-Roads Dog Rescue is a not-for-profit all breed dog rescue that was founded in January of 2007. Our mission is to rescue abandoned and mistreated adoptable dogs from local dog pounds and shelters and help them find their new "forever" homes where they will receive the love and respect that each dog truly deserves.

Back-Roads Dog Rescue is a rescue, not a shelter, that is ran by volunteers who donate their time, love, and a place in their home for dogs looking for a new and better life. We do not have a physical building for our dogs and puppies to be housed in so they stay in foster homes where they are socialized with people and other dogs. This gets them ready to be placed in their new "forever" homes. This is a much better atmosphere for the dogs because the foster parents are able to watch and learn each dog's likes and dislikes. This enables us to make the perfect match between the dogs and their new homes. We do not keep our foster dogs in cages except for a few hours when they first arrive to help introduce them to the other dogs and after they have had a surgery such as a spay or neuter. At all other times they are allowed to roam our homes with the other dogs, plop on the couch or play outside in our fenced in back yards. We temperament test our dogs, and we will NOT adopt a dog that is aggressive. If a dog or puppy comes to us from a "bad situation" and has "issues" will try to place it in a home that is best suited to handle and understand its issues. 95% of the dogs we receive are healthy, happy dogs with no emotional or physical issues, but if we do receive one that has an issue we will fully explain that it to anyone who may be interested in adopting that dog. If we explain to you that a certain dog may not fit into your household, please, do not be offended, we are doing this to be honest and it is not fair to place a dog that was just rescued into a situation that it may not be happy or feel safe in!

Back-Roads Dog Rescue fully vets all of the dogs and puppies it receives. We update ALL vaccinations including rabies, worm them, microchip them with Avid chips, start them on flea and heartworm preventatives, and spay or neuter them. The only way that a dog may not be fully vetted by us is if it is not yet old enough to have received all of its vaccinations. Our vet will spay and neuter dogs for us as young as 8 weeks old. So we will have it altered unless for some reason our vet is extremely booked up; in that case we will either hold the dog until it is done or help you set up an appointment with a vet of your choice. Our adoption fees are NOT based on "how adoptable" a dog is or if it is a "purebred"; instead they are based on the amount of each dog's own vet expenses. The adoption fees will NEVER be over $200 for a fully vetted dog unless additional tests or surgeries were needed and then they will just include that small added amount. Some of our fees are lower because previous vetwork may have already been done before we received the dog. We do not profit from the adoption of our dogs and puppies, all of the adoption fees are used to pay for food and vet expenses for the dogs. We do NOT add fees onto our adoption rates for our gasoline, vehicle upkeep or phone bills, all of those expenses comes directly out of our foster parent's pockets as a donation to the rescue.

Back-Roads Dog Rescue does require an approved application in order to adopt a dog or puppy from us. We will ask questions concerning your household and the people who live in it, we also ask for and check personal and vet references. Some dogs may require a fenced yard to be adopted, for instance, if they came to us as a stray or if they are known to run then they will require a physical fence. After studies and research into "invisible" fencing, we have decided that we will no longer accept an invisible fence as a type of containment. They are not guaranteed to keep the dogs in AND most importantly they do not keep dogs or other dangerous animals such as coyotes OUT!

Back-Roads Dog rescue is always looking for donations of new or used dog items that may be used by our foster dogs. If you have any items that you would like to donate to our rescue then please contact us at and let us know what you have. Any items are greatly appreciated! We also accept monetary donations to help pay for expenses such as treats, toys, collars, leashes,etc. If you would like to send a donation you may send it to: Back-Dog Rescue 4643 South Cr 1075 East, Walton, Indiana 46994 in care of Brownie Barber.

Back-Roads Dog Rescue is very community oriented.  We do our best to work with other groups and organizations that are also in need. We have held fundraising events such as our recent "Hunt for the Homeless" scavenger hunt where miscellanous items were found and then donated to other area agencies such as the Domestic Violence Shelter and the Miami County Pound. We have also held several low cost vaccination and microchip clinics to help those with lower incomes.

Although Back-Roads Dog Rescue is basically a dog rescue, we do have a few cats.  We also support and partner with the Indiana Feral Cat Trap and Release programs in Cass and surrounding counties.  We provide food, help with spay and neuter, and provide general support for the people carrying out the T & R services.  We do not benefit from this except to recognize that it helps prevent more unwanted animals and to know that these ferals are being fed daily. We will gladly accept any donations for cats too, as some injured feral cats are in foster homes being rehabilitated until they are well enough to be released or have adjusted enough to be adopted.


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